About Non Olympic Times

A Non Olympic Times is a quarterly publication, usually a periodical publication, which is printed or electronically published (sometimes referred to as an online newspaper). Non Olympic Times Newspaper is generally published on a regular schedule (March, June, September and December) which contains a variety of content except political. Non Olympic Times are generally financed by advertising, by a purchase price, by prepaid subscriptions, or a combination of the three. At its root, the word "Non Olympic Times" refers to an International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) and Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

Non Olympic Times researches in the field of Physical Education and business management including business management, sport and exercises, sports statistics, sport law, sports nutrition and medicine, sport injuries and prevention, training and judgements, skills and sport therapy, strength and conditioning, physical activity and health, health psychology, biomechanics, adventure education and outdoor learning, sport education and society, sport management systems, different aspects of sport activity on school, college and university level, sport activity on national and international level, comparative studies of well design and implement fresh games for school/college/ university as International standards, physical activity-based life skills programmes, Teacher exchange opportunity, effective teaching and quality education, Teaching responsibility through physical activity, Intrinsic motivation in youth sport, different an integrated programmed and physical education model, integrating theory and practice in sport and media sport, public health and promotion, etc.

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